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Bad teeth and no money to fix them

Justmenow started this conversation
     Hi, I feel strange sending this message, but my teeth really need help and I have no alternative, no insurance and the dentist says a surgeon is needed to pull a few, the work I need to restore them is immense so I decided pulling would be best, but so much money to pull even one of the few that need to be surgically removed whatever happened to just yank them out and go? I just thought I would try here hey ya never know GOD works in mysterious ways :)
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Calaf   in reply to silliegirl
Are you the silliegrl that used to chat on IRC? We miss you.
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Buck needs teeth
Was lucky enough to have most of my bad teeth pulled but now I cant chew and my smile scares lil kids and its humiliating, I can even smile cuz I'm missing teeth and the ones I have are rotted from an intestinal blockage I had removed. I feel for you and wish I could help. My daughter is getn married in two weeks and I dredd it cuz I can't even open my mouth w/o b'n embarrassed and I'm affraid I'm gonna embarrass her:(. This sucks
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dnsshply   in reply to DWiz
In NC, you can get one tooth pulled for free at a time by one dentist in the area that does it for free. Thank God for Dr Monroe in Pinehurst, NC
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DWiz   in reply to Mandina
You can say FREE DENTAL IN EVERY STATE, but until you experience it.... I live in Washington State.Even though I supposedly have dental coverage, not a single dentist will treat us, even the one we had stopped taking us because the STATE DOES NOT PAY THEIR BILLS. Even the bills they pay don't even cover materials. The state pays $35 for a filling and $50 for a root canal. That does not even cover materials, according to dentist. I had perfect teethe my whole life, but am now on an anti-depressant that causes dry-mouth, and my teethe are just rotting out. No help, no money for extra anything, and no money for real additional insurance and co-pays. It sounds great, free dental. In our State though, it is UP TO, $1,000 a year in aide, which for people like me, who needs a crown, 3 fillings, $1,000 does not even come close, that is IF you can even find a single dentist. The State supposedly has a list of dentist that take their medical. When you call the list, and I have, either the dentist is, out of business, Only takes kids up to 18, or is filled and not taking patients for at least a year. What does one do, All the money the State gets from the Federal Government is going into someones pocket, that is for sure.
Dan W
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SisterServant   in reply to Mandina
Yes. God will answer your prayers when the timing is right. He always has for me. Since you already pray a lot, just be sure to include prayers of gratitude in with your other prayers.
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Mandina   in reply to billysbeg
Thank you for understanding exactly how I feel. I didn't use drugs, but, I feel like people look at me see a drug addict. I haven't had new clothes in over 15 years, but I am not scared to go to yard sales, that's where my clothes come from. It's so humbling, because, I used to be able to work, and always had nice clothes and dental insurance. I know I'm not alone in my struggles. I will certainly let you know if I find out any info how we can get help. I pray ALOT! I feel sure God will answer my prayers when his timing is right. Mean while, I'm just struggling with deep depression and shame. Seems like there would be some kind of help for us. Even if I were able to work, I feel like my teeth or lack of, would hold back any chances of getting a job. Just because of the stereotype of drugs related with toothe problems. Again, thanks for sharing, and I will keep in touch!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mandina
I see that some body told u.what to type that woulf be what in would have sent u
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billysbeg   in reply to Mandina
Miranda,I don't know if this helps,but u are not alone. My tooth problem came from an illness and I feel people look at me and think I have been a chronic drug user. I just want my smile back also. I feel that when someone looks at me,my teeth is all they see. It is very depressing and puts a huge dent in your self esteem. Hang in there,if u hear of anything that is a national help source please share. Good luck.
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Mandina   in reply to woman in a shoe
Do you know anywhere in Greensboro, NC or where to look for resources that could help? I don't even leave my house, unless I absolutely have too. I refuse to see people from my high school days, I just need help so bad. I can handle being poor, but why do I have to look that way too. So depressed over this.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to LostMama
I have been good after the surgery send u a one to one now on some things i have heard
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LostMama   in reply to woman in a shoe
Mark hasnt been online either. I do get on just about every other day to see if the regulars picked up, but I see you holding down the fort lol. How have you been lady?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to LostMama
I have to her sent just before my surgery and that was.july 10. The end.of.june
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LostMama   in reply to woman in a shoe
How has Poppy been?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mandina
I.just seen a post u.put.up.for.poppyday13. one.of.her friends but she not been sent the first of july. all.her list on my phone. Some.i.use.some.i.don't anymore.
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littlelacie   in reply to Mandina
Hi. You know, I really don't know because different states and different clinics offer different things. You just have to check with each one in your area and see. I have heard that a lot of them provide extractions at little or no charge. I'm sorry we do not have any more specific information, there are hundreds of clinics in all the states.
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Mandina   in reply to Poppyday13
Thanks for all this info. I will check into it. I live in NC. But no where near Cary. But maybe they have suggestions. Best news I heard yet. Thanks for your post!
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Mandina   in reply to littlelacie
Free dental in every state. Does that include dentures or is this just for fillings and cleanings. I took care of my teeth, when I hit 50, and I'm 54 now, they started breaking off, I have really bad acid reflux, I think that's what's causing it. But I used to smile all the time. Now I don't smile because I look like a vampire with teeth problems!!!
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I have the exact problem with my teeth.they just started breaking off and I have no way financially to get them replaced.i don't even want to leave my house. It has caused major problems for me self esteem wise, and I can't pay for surgical removal. My son paid 100$ to get a quote on what it would cost. All the top and bottom are broken so to have them surgically removed and get dentures it would be around 5 thousand dollars. I almost passed out. My son said no way could he help with it. Very depressed over it!
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Driftglass   in reply to Poppyday13
Thank You Very Much for all this Information
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silliegirl   in reply to woman in a shoe
No not me I haven't found a place to fix my teeth.
But maybe found some place bettermabe help fix me guys I like this site
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