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Bad teeth and no money to fix them

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Justmenow   in reply to flgrandmaof1
I have found a cure for all abcesses,and I suffer no more, still have bad teeth, but they are no worst than they were and are actually getting better.... drink the raw milk of Jersey cows I am NOT kidding its like a miracle I drink 3 glasses a day. modern medicine is a killer like Hippocrates once said let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food GOD has such great wisdom to offer us why go elsewhere HE created us and knows what we need all things natural all things organic. Start by not screwing up your immune system with germ killers....don't use them, anywhere, germs come in small amounts and they build our immune systems we live in a world full of ideas that are totally man made and very stupid they go against a loving GOD who knows what we need and created it all for us
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I'm 57 grandmother with very bad teeth have great health insurance but teeth or not consider a health problem. All i can say is who every wrote these rules must not ever
had a absest tooth. i'm low income a with my husband passing away 6 years ago
there is no where you can go to get help > the dentist only care about $$$$$$$$
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honor96   in reply to Nessa11
I would love to help you out but I'm in the same place as you are but when I find help I will let you know if you still need help. I'm a 30 years old who loves to help when I can. My email is You can email me anytime you just want to talk with someone who cares what you have to say. I'm looking to make good friends in anyway I can. I know you don't know me but would you care to become a friend to me and I to you?
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jewels74_2000   in reply to dcheselka
i agree with you totally could not have said it any better
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jewels74_2000   in reply to jewels74_2000
it cost 1,000 dollars a tooth to save and fix a tooth from start to finish that kinda seems crazy wheb you think about it for a tooth i just am floored that dentist dont have to fall under a doctor and help these people out there in the world it really no joke to have teeth that hurt so bad and infection just eating your mouth away it makes me feel so sad for not just me but other people also in the world that live with this pain
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jewels74_2000   in reply to getfreedental
Where does this happen cause i had a dentist who pulled the wrong tooth out of my mouth so i am so afraid now and cant find one dentist who will take my insurance i believe in god but he cant fix my teeth i need real help along with so many other people in the world its so sad that dentist dont have to see patients like doctors for people who have state insurance i believe i am going to die young because my heart is the one paying the price its sad :{
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jewels74_2000   in reply to ibeleive
Yes its horrible for people who have Badger Care to find a dentist I am having the same problem and the just keep getting worse because we cant get good dental care I keep calling only to be told they dont take my insurance. I found one dentist and went to him he pulled the wrong tooth in my mouth and was fighting with another patient in his office so there is no attorney that will take my case becuase they wont make alot of money when we go to court but teeth are not worth that much they tell me. Wow i need my teeth to chew my food and now because this man did this to me all me teeth on the other side are bad because i can only chew one side of my mouth. I want to believe there is some hope for me and my family but i am unsure that anyone really cares its no fun having or living in pain 24 hours a day. i believe in god but god cant fix my teeth
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im 25 years oldfemale I really need help getting my teeth fixed I am a college graduate and I cant find a job and I cry cuz my teeth are so bad my mom never took me to the dentist when I was a kid. Pls will someone sponsor me theres nothing else in the world that I want more the to walk around with confidence to smile. Pls help email inessa14333@yahoo
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ashes1522   in reply to nogodinhere
Wow that sounds like personal anger? ?
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When it comes to looks it dont matter but bad teeth is a health problem. It can cause infections etc. I would ask a dentist or a state health care office
And btw how this go from a question to disagreements about god grow up
Gees maybe god shouldn't have gave us free will
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cndy stacy
My Husband is having a lot of tooth pain to where he can't even eat a hamburger we have no insurance and not alot of money. What can we do to get him some help. He already has temporary flipper for his 4 front teeth. We could not afford to get the new ones so he's had the same one for years. He is very unhappy and is in a lot of pain everyday. Pleases let us know what we can do.

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leos   in reply to nogodinhere
God has always helped me through some pretty tough situations, and it is by his grace that I recovered. So...don't say that God doesn't exist. "Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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leos   in reply to nogodinhere
You sound very bitter, and angry for someone that has their own belief's? Why is that?
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dcheselka   in reply to nogodinhere
To each his own. But you don't have to attack people who choose to exhault their beliefs in God and Hope. Perhaps you have a bleek future for your life. But whatever it is, it's yours.
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dcheselka   in reply to ibeleive
Thank you for those words if wisdom. Most often, if you have confidence in yourself, people will generally see you for you and not for what your teeth look like.

I have teeth issues as well. I am often embarrassed to smile around my friends and wish I could have better teeth.
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dcheselka   in reply to nogodinhere
Believing in God is a personal choice, and exercising a right to free speech (although it may affend you). If you don't believe the same, ignore it. That fact that God is mentioned is not hurting you or anyone else.

Either you have not come to terms with your beliefs, or perhaps you're threatened by the population who chooses to believe in God.

Otherwise, why does it bother you so much that others have their own beliefs?
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courtney monkey
oh my god, this is to weird,,if only people would work with you and help.......i work and i need help with my teeth and have no insurance,,,but will pay and no one will see me...and i was hoping someone knew where i could go or talk to...please let me know

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Cantsmilenemore   in reply to Need Dental Help ASAP
In so cal u can apply to dental grants. Google it. Sadly they won't help me cause im to far north by Sacramento .... 25 and I don't wanna smile. All teeth are breaking :(I im devastated. No insurance and barely paying rent. I used to be pretty
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 in response to Level...   Hello. Unfortunately, the US culture paints a false image of ideal. The only good smile is a healthy smile. Orthodontists all over the US have made obscene amounts of money because of people chasing the picture perfect smile which was develop many decades ago in Hollywood. Nonetheless, as we age, our bodies will change. Accepting the change is core to fulfillment:).
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I had riders as a kid and as I grew older, they grow abit weird in my mouth. My bottom and bottom teeh are out of order. I never noticed it for like 18 years until I came to America and notice that people had nearly perfect teeth. This starts to bother me so much, I lost all confidence in myself. Ive had girlfriends and many girls go crazy over me before but now it's different. All I can see myself as at times is being smart and having money but still not happy about myself!
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